15 May 14


IMG_0604_E (BW)


Maybe I’ve been too obsessed with straps but I couldn’t stop wearing strappy stuff as of late. It was one of the best off days I had so far and the sunlight gave a pretty good opportunity for the awesome lighting in the photos!

Bag x Zara | Racerback Bralette x Cosset | Heels x Jeffrey Campbell

Signing out.

26 Apr 14

I guess this space has now become a travelogue for myself. By now, if you realized, A is actually pretty much an outdoor girl who loves being under the sun getting sun-kissed tanned skin. This April, A traveled out further by land and water to visit this beautiful preserved island that belongs to Thailand. Also, she has spent too much time indoors turning into Vampire Girl (fangs not included, yet) due to the nature of her daily routine at work.

Definitely going back to this happy land in future. Little did she expect that she would love this place so much.

Obligatory shot all the way below.



30 Jan 14

I know we have already moved into the brand new year of 2014, we are still here somehow. Thanks for keeping a watch on this space, we hope everyone had a good one during the holidays. Here’s to many more abundance of joy, art, music and excitement for the future ahead!

A & S

12 Oct 13

Fashion Week 2013 ☻ Pool day/Staycation (somewhat) ☻ Pierre Balmain ☻ A’s cat

Apologies for the lack of updates. I must say, being committed to a full time job, preparing self to be an auntie-to-be, growing up and juggling everything else with a blog is not an easy task. “If only there were more than 24 hours in a day!” I now truly understand the feeling when one exclaims such a remark. Hopefully these visuals are enough to suffice for the time being. Thanks for checking back once again, stay zen, always.


22 Aug 13

Hi everyone! Wow, it has been a really long hiatus here at pxk.com. Lots of changes has occurred over the past few months, and we’re looking into a revamp in this site. Hope to come back with something more exciting than ever for this space! So anyhows, I am writing from Sydney (yes, I’m back here!). All I did for the past 2 weeks was eat a lot and yoga a lot, honestly. Haven’t got a chance to sit down and upload pictures from my camera, but here’s photos from my camera phone for now.

Kudos to self for coming here without a readily packed luggage. YOLO indeed, haha! Enjoy the visuals below (hopefully!)

Stay zen and namaste!